1. [Verse 2: H.E.R.]
          I don't care if we on the run
          Nothin' matters when we one on one
          Lookin' at us 'cause we goin' dumb

          We on the same wave, you the same way
          You know I be down if it's with you
          Where we goin'? Baby, what's the move?
          We should take a trip up to the moon
          Get a room

          [Chorus: H.E.R. & YG]
          Doin' our thing, movin' too fast
          Candy paint with the windows all black

          Seats crème brûlée, what they gon' say?
          With the top down screamin', "Money ain't a thing"
          And we up 'til six in the mornin'
          When the sun rise, we be on it

          Ooh, I got five, you know it's all live
          Tell me when to go, baby, when we gon' slide?
          Baby, when we gon' slide? Hey, huh
          Up all night, baby, when we gon' slide? Yeah
          Up all night, baby, when we gon' slide? Oh
          Up all night, baby, when we gon' slide? (4Hunnid)

          [Verse 3: YG]
          I need a baecation
          I need my bitch in an apron
          Booty all out cookin' bacon
          Orange juice and Ace what we drinkin'
          I only come out when the stars out
          I'm on a mission, but we far out
          This city talkin' with a large mouth
          Yeah, they after the boy like Fall Out (4Hunnid)
          Drop it, give me fifty, girl, drop it, give me fifty
          You should slide with me 'cause you be trippin' when you miss me
          You gon' hold me close and on your neck gon' be a hickie
          I ain't gotta do too much, I know what get you sticky
          I ain't gotta know astrology, I know your vibe
          Skip the foreplay, you don't let niggas fuck with your mind
          I ain't givin' out apologies when I'm behind
          Fuckin' up the seats of the brand new ride


          1 Contributor

          The Compton rapper, YG assists H.E.R on this song in the attempts of showcasing two sides to her supposed new perspectives on love and relationships.
          The first being that she is slowly coming out of the shadows following her often anonymity in which she clearly portrays this by her frequent use of sun glasses so as to hide her eyes from the general public and love in general but this time even from the music video, her contact with the camera which is portrayed as the lover shows her steady movement to being less anonymous and more willing to show love.
          The second is how she tries to show her loving and presumably sexual side and this is due to the 97 bpm that the song is done in in the B major key.

          Phonographic Copyright ℗
          Sony Music Entertainment & RCA Records
          Recording Engineer
          Dee Brown
          Mixing Engineer
          Miki Tsutsumi
          Mastering Engineer
          Dave Kutch
          Release Date
          September 27, 2019
          Interpolated By
          Move On (Outro)
          Remixed By
          Slide (Remix)
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          3 things I love her for:
          1. Her Music
          2. Her singing
          3. Her


          Love this R&B vibe between H.E.R. and YG

          TAVAYA GUCCI

          if you pull me close on yo neck gon be a hickie




          nice pun


          Fuckin' up the seats of the brand new ride 🤪

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